Our Mission
& Vision

Our mission is to assist the communities to end hunger and poverty through nourishment, clothing and education. We provide meals to the homeless and set up mobile pantries for the communities to drive through to receive food boxes. We have fundraising in order for us to purchase clothing, with the communities donating gently-used clothing for our clothes drive. We offer information on education for high school diplomas and reading literacy. 

Our Community

Our Community

Our Hands to Yours was born out of us being a middle-class family with needs. As you know, the middle class is overlooked in many ways. We have enough income to manage our lifestyle, but when unexpected things come up and we need that extra cash, it is hard to produce. Examples are uniforms for school, groceries for the week or even gas to get to work until payday. These things might sound simple, but for this reason the payday loan companies are booming in certain areas. We lend a helping hand to families to get their wheels turning again. We realize a little love can go a long way. 

Our Partnerships

  • Food banks to feed the families in Memphis and surrounding areas, including rural areas

  • Individuals and faith-based organizations to provide clothing

  • Redbird Stadium to gain funding and help teach work ethic

  • Fed Ex Forum and Fed Ex golf tournament to gain funding and help teach work ethic


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